Federal Contracting Competitive Analytics

Know the Landscape. Do Less - Win More.

A New Kind of Federal Opportunity & Partner Recommendation Engine

Powered by machine learning and predictive analytics for one purpose:

To Laser Focus on Your Highest P(win) Opportunities & Partners with Precision

How Much does the Competitive Landscape Influence Your Win Rate?

A lot. If you are the prime, it is THE KEY to knowing and leveraging your strategic differentiators.

If you're not the prime, it is the ONLY LEVER that matters.

Built for Federal BD by Federal BD.... Repperio is a fast, intuitive pipeline management solution that matches your actual workflow - with competitive analysis and partner due diligence baked in - giving you the ability to identify your highest Pwin opportunities and partners in mere clicks.

Use Repperio and enter the market with an incredible information advantage.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For it

Customer Testimonials

“Repperio was developed around the way BD people think, vs other tools that just give you data. We wouldn’t switch back to any other because Repperio gives the ability to look through different lenses at the market that I can’t do using any other tool."

-Ed Malinowski, WESCO