Repperio Customer Success Stories

CCI Grows Sales by $6 Million using Repperio

“I have been utilizing the Repperio program now going on 6 months. I do not believe there is a better program on the market today. 8(a) sales in my region have gone up by 30%, about $6 million, and I believe that I will do much better than that by year end, and I credit this to my use of Repperio."

-Johnny Sapia / VP National Accounts / CCI Energy


Crossroads Capital Grows GovCon M&A Practice using Repperio

"Repperio has made doing M&A in GovCon so much easier. I still have to pound the pavement and run our processes, but boy does this save me a ton of time, money, and effort…It really is the best prospecting tool for me currently. I love using Repperio, and there’s simply nothing else like it. If you want to operate in GovCon, you need Repperio. It’s invaluable.”
-- Richard Phillips / CEO / Crossroads Capital, LLC

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LEO A DALY Aligns with the Best Small Business Partners through Repperio

“Repperio gives me a good portrayal of a company’s Federal experience and performance, and that’s not something I have found to be readily accessible anywhere else. GovWin will show there were 15 submissions but it doesn’t tell me specifically who. But in Repperio I can get that information quickly and easily. Repperio is a huge time saver and giving me info I couldn’t get to before….I give it a big ‘thumbs up’."

-Kurt Ubbelohde / SVP Federal Programs /Leo A Daly Architects

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RECON Environmental Finds the Right Teaming Info in Minutes with Repperio

“With Repperio, it takes me less than five minutes to find exactly what I need to know about partners on any federal opportunity, which is much more information than I was ever able to uncover using any other tool…It’s simply the most valuable tool available for federal contractors looking to win Federal Government business."

-Italia Gray / VP Business Development / Recon Environmental

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Wesco Saves Time Building Government Pipeline after Switching to Repperio

“Repperio was developed around the way BD people think, vs other tools that just give you data. We wouldn’t switch back to GovWin or any other because Repperio gives the ability to look through different lenses at the market that I can’t do using any other tool."

-Ed Malinowski, WESCO

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